Social/Emotional Resources for Parents

Parent Toolkit is designed to help parents track and support their child’s academic, health, and social/emotional development from PreK to high school.

KidsHealth-Coping with Stress provides ways to help your child cope with stress, the feelings it cultivates, and relaxing! This whole site is really great in helping parents with questions about children’s fears, anxiety, and overall health. Feel free to browse it all!

Confident Parents Confident Kids is a site for parents that helps you actively support your child’s social and emotional development and well-being. There is so much to explore, and you can subscribe to their blog to get email updates every time they post something new.

Child Mind Institute is a phenomenal resource for any concerns you may have with your child’s social/emotional well-being. They also have a symptom checker if you’re concerned your child might be struggling with something. This is not a substitution for consulting a mental health professional, but can give you a sense of possible diagnoses and resources to help you have a conversation with a professional.

Worry Free In Me, Could It Be? is a course (around 44 mins. of videos) for helping you help your child manage their anxiety. This source is currently free (April 20, 2020) but could cost at some point. Please let me know if it begins to come at a price.

Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach With These 10 Powerful Phrases from Nurture and Thrive Blog’s article!

Shame Proof Parenting’s Family Love Languages shows you how to learn your family’s love language to enhance and strengthen the relationships we have with each other!

Whole Child Counseling provides resources for helping your children through anxiety, stress relief, and even screen-free activities!

Sanford Harmony gives you tips for helping your child with Social Emotional Learning at home!

Conversation Starters for family discussions. Tips for having a “real” conversation with your children.

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